Combustion Institute (Dutch Section)

The Dutch Section of the Combustion Institute

The Dutch Section serves members from The Netherlands.

The main event organized by the Dutch Section is the annually-held "Combura" in cooperation with the Dutch Section of IFRF "Nederlandse Vereniging voor Vlamonderzoek" (NVV). The next meeting will take place in October 2023

Upcoming Events

13th United States National Combustion Meeting, 20-22 March 2023, Texas A&M University.

CFD for Combustion Safety, 21 March 2023, Toulouse, France.

4th International Workshop on Oxy-Fuel Combustion, 22-23 March 2023, Napoli, Italy.

11th European Combustion Meeting, 26-28 April 2023, Rouen, France.

15th International Conference on Combustion Technologies for a Clean Environment (Clean Air 2023), 25-29 June 2023, Lisbon, Portugal.

31. Deutscher Flammentag, 19-20 September 2023, Berlin, Germany.

40th International Symposium, 21-26 July 2024, Milan, Italy.


February 2021: The following members of the Dutch Section are elected as Fellows of the Combustion Institute:
- Jeroen van Oijen, Eindhoven University ofTechnology

July 2020: As alumnus of Eindhoven University of Technology Ruud Eggels has been elected as member of the Board of Directors of the International Combustion Institute

November 2022: Combura 2022 was a success, we had the following DSCI poster prize winners:

First prize
Xin Liu, Niels Deen, Yali Tang (TU Eindhoven)
"Investigating the (de-)fluidization behavior of combusted iron fines in a fluidized bed"

Second Prize
Yu Wang, Noud Maes, Bart Somers (TU Eindhoven)
"Spray Combustion of Fast Pyrolysis Bio-oil"

Third Prize
Max Peters, Noud Maes, Nico Dam, Jeroen van Oijen (TU Eindhoven)
"The Argon Power Cycle: Characterization of Hydrogen Injections"

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